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Nanaimo outdoor fitness for all seasons: Why all seasons have something unique and amazing to offer


I love exercising outside in all seasons with Jumpstart.  Summer is full of our gorgeous beaches and parks, not to mention all the stairs!  In the fall, we’re moving locations to the school and the weather cools down enough that I’m not sweating before the work out;). Winter is my favourite.  Once we start, I’m never cold and getting outside is so invigorating and brings necessary fresh air into my days!  Spring is beautiful, as it’s light for more and more of the work out and we start to move back to the summer locations.  I get a great work out whatever the season, and working out outside year round keeps me connected to the outstanding city we live in with all it’s amazing locations and keeps me from getting bored or stuck in a rut.   Dupree

 Dupree Wood (5 year participant and going strong)


April of this year I joined Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness to increase my daily exercise quotient and intensity level

I started with 3 days a week increased my commitment to 4 days a week and as of July  I now attend 5 days a week

What keeps me committed to Jumpstart?

Other than location, location, and location……

It’s the instructors …….. each and everyone of them unique to themselves in terms of personality, experience, skills, expertise and ability

They’re fun, encouraging, engaging, motivating, and committed to bringing a quality experience to the hour that we work out together regardless of how many are in the class.

If you’re looking to impact your health and fitness aspects of your life and you’re an early riser I’d invite you to come join us at 6:00 a.m. and find out for yourself how the likes of Courtney, Kasey, Laura and Sandra can rock your world.   Simply ask yourself…….What else is possible……?  Nansey Sinclair


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