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You don’t need to limit your outdoor fitness to spring and summer. Heres why….


Summer typically has had the reputation for being the most inviting season for out door exercise. We see people all the time walking dogs, jogging, playing sports and just being outdoors. But what about the other months. What do they have to offer? Well, I’m glad you asked.



Let’s start with Autumn

To start with, the beautifully vibrant and amazing colours we see in the parks and trails make getting outside for your exercise more than worth it. Speaking from experience, attending the 6am class with the fall leaves and autumn sunrise backdrop (or the 6:15 pm class with the sunset) it needs to be seen to be believed. Trust us when we say that seeing it from your living room window while you are on the couch is not doing it justice!

The air is a bit crisper and fresher and you will notice the need for a light sweater before warm up. Trust me, you won’t want to keep that sucker on after the first 10 minutes. The birds are still chirping and there are less cars and activity on the road. Before you know it, it’s mid-October and you are telling yourself “I really thought I would miss the summer workouts more. I barely noticed the change in the weather”



My honest opinion is that winter gets a bad rap. I actually prefer it.

Of course it’s colder, and at times wetter, but most of our locations change to schools and covered areas. The only time we cancel classes is if the roads are deemed too dangerous for travel, which rarely happens and you will be given as much notice as possible.

Generally the biggest concern is getting up early when it’s dark. If you start in the summer/fall your body gets so used to getting up at that time it’s almost seem-less. There is something to be said for working out with a group of like minded people with the calming stillness of the moon still in the sky. The air is amazingly crisp, the atmosphere is calm and quiet and if you have your pants on inside out or backwards (sometimes both), no one will notice.

Let’s go back to location. All of our early morning and evening classes are scheduled where there is at least a bit of light for safely and for the most part access to a covered area. That said, it’s one hour, goes by lightning fast and if you do get a bit wet the shower when you get home will feel like heaven.

So there you are. As Kasey says, no more excuses. See you there!


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