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Do you have this all too common fear?

There is a common fear that I have heard come up a few times lately that I would like to address. It is a fear that I had as well, until

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Another lovely testimonial from a long time participant

    On a typical Nanaimo winter night in November 2013 my neighbour talked me into going to Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness with her that night. I was a little nervous because I had gotten out of shape and didn’t consider myself particularly outdoorsy but as I was […]

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You don’t need to limit your outdoor fitness to spring and summer. Heres why….

  Summer typically has had the reputation for being the most inviting season for out door exercise. We see people all the time walking dogs, jogging, playing sports and just being outdoors. But what about the other months. What do they have to offer? Well, I’m glad […]

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Nanaimo outdoor fitness for all seasons: Why all seasons have something unique and amazing to offer

  I love exercising outside in all seasons with Jumpstart.  Summer is full of our gorgeous beaches and parks, not to mention all the stairs!  In the fall, we’re moving locations to the school and the weather cools down enough that I’m not sweating before the work […]

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A celebrity in our midst

  Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness Company in Nanaimo B.C. I always go on holiday with the best intentions. I pack running shoes, my sports bra, I even go so far as to download a workout playlist with the plan that I will work out at least a few […]

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Enjoying the great outdoors in this beautiful city with our unique company

Enjoying the great outdoors in this beautiful city with our unique company

Jumpstart is a community based support system with some of the best trainers the industry has to offer. There is nothing more exhilarating than working out with a group of people that keep you motivated, accountable and working to the best of your ability.   We have […]

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