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Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness is an incredibly invigorating workout in Nanaimo’s beautiful outdoors!

Each group fitness class or personal training session takes place in a different location so we can enjoy the great variety of landscapes and scenery that Vancouver Island has to offer.

We use a wide variety of exercises, drills, and games to challenge your body’s many systems and escape the monotony of an overly repetitive routine. Resistance tubing, exercise balls, agility ladders, and many more tools are used to create a fun and dynamic workout.

Our classes are open to all levels of fitness. Our experienced instructors will individualize the exercises to meet your needs so that you can push yourself to new levels of fitness! Check out our current schedule of classes  and see who is teaching each class.

Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness is a great way to discover beautiful parks, beaches, and forests in Nanaimo that you never knew existed. Working out outside, even in the winter, is so invigorating! It’s nice after a day of solving everyone else’s problems to come to an expert-designed balanced workout that you can just follow. The instructors are so encouraging and you leave feeling fantastic every time.

Laura McFadgen

Jumpstart Outdoor FitnessJumpstart Outdoor FitnessJumpstart Outdoor Fitness


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